Greetings from Ruslan! ***photos and music enclosed***

Hi Cauldron People!

Ruslan F. here, from the state of Virginia in the US. My story is probably not too uncommon around here. Raised christian by my father, but I had a liberal and somewhat witchy mom. Around age 13 I began studying world religions and searching for my own path. I tried many major religions, and practiced Islam and Russian Orthodoxy back and forth, very on and off, for years.

I joined the military in 2005, and suffered an event causing PTSD, and returned home to heal. I had many bumpy years, all while alternating between random occult studies, Orthodoxy and Islam. Around age 26 I began a very long journey on my current path. I have tried many occult disciplines, and ended up with an eclectic path all my own.

Here are some photos of my home shrine, and related pieces:

I also like to do trance work with music. Below is a link for a medley of four pieces, all improvisation on a Turkish instrument called the cumbus (pronounced “joombush”):

I am not very dogmatic, but religiously devoted to my pantheon and path. I look forward to meeting others, and enjoying some discourse on paganism and the like!

Thanks for having me!

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