Greetings all!

Well met everyone. Here’s how it goes: I’m a 46 years old occultist trying to connect the dots between my animist views on the Universe, Kaos magick and my Celtic/Norse ancestry calling. Yeah its complicated! I wish the spirits would lay a less jarring road before me, I’m not getting younger.

On a more physical aspect I’m an archaeologist who decided to leave the bones for corpses, or if you prefer, I’m studying to become a mortician, a calling I refused for many years but decided last year that I had to do or I would regret it all the rest of my life. Beside being an avid reader I also play many musical instruments and dabble in water painting.

I’m a a horrible gardener, everything that I touch dies, it’s annoying. Actually I managed to keep a peace lily alive, the first plant in many years to make it, I’m still astonished. It’s a bit of a paradox since I feel so alive and connected spiritually when I’m in a forest. I have a few pets, black cat, black kingsnake and a leech. I love them to bits and my childhood in the Canadian taiga was chasing after snakes, toads and hoping for a pet raven that I never got. Well I had a badly burned crow for a while, but it died, as electrocuted birds often do even months after their unfortunate accident.

I guess that’s enough for an introduction. Wish we can have nice discussion on the forum.

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