My name is Tymothi, or Tym.

I am a middle-aged mortal from a very small town in the deep southern USA. Raised in the Roman Catholic world until college, I secretly studied Gardnerian Wicca from 2004 onward. Recently, after years of more public explorations into, say, Buddhism, I’ve been able to finally put my Wiccan texts into solitary practice. I am proud to say the efforts have resulted in some major successes, so after a long time of unfulfilling side quests, I feel I am at last able to control my own spiritual journey.

This site appears at first glance to be overwhelming, but this is a good thing. I appreciate the text-based approach, and I intend to spend the majority of my time studying the discoveries made by others as my practices continue to develop, and if I feel my own discoveries or insights would benefit others I will gladly share them as well. Thank you in advance, and in retrospect, for all your contributions. We are all in fact one, and now is a time in our collective history when I believe it would be wisest to consider ourselves as such. This means I have a sharp awareness that what I do to you, I do to myself. And I very much like myself.

That being said, please forgive any awkwardness I present. I am a frivolous person outside of spirituality, but in this realm I am quite serious, so if my lines become muddled at times, I apologize. Thank you for being here – it is truly a great discovery on its own.

Blessed Be.

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