Graceful As a Diving Bell

Small fry
hidden among the long eel grass
scouring nooks and crannies
to feast on brine shrimp
tiny fish

like children under a table at the ball
the elaborate courtships
of our elders
as they dance
bobbing curtsies
like Morticia and Gomez
to music only they can hear
Confidently exchanging roles as needed
in full partnership

Sea Dragons
Mystic knights of Poseidon
moving through ancient rites
Soul steeds bearing
fallen sailors
the innocent
the fortunate
from His storm tossed fields
of elemental battle
across infamous rivers
from Styx to Lethe
delivered safely
to the Afterlife
by the troth of our shields!

Some crowned
Some speckled
Kindred souls, Lifemates
who reestablish their bonds
every day
shifting through the dull colors of duty
to unique signatures of energy management
the clever hues of social camouflage
we wear like plated armor
to the brightly glowing moments
of pure contentment
Patiently present
knowing each moment
is a gift with our Beloved
another chance
to waltz
in Peace

Finding our Balance
in shifting currents
Intuition and Logic
Flexibility and Stubbornness
is always a challenge
Wisdom tells us
when to cling for our lives
when to let go
Tails coiling and uncoiling
like sacred spirals
reminding us
that we are always
to the Divine
the Universe

We look both Forward
and Behind
bringing an emotional clarity
so profound
you may find us
hidden in your hippocampus
as a reminder to be
Take chivalrous Responsibility
for your emotional behavior

Be Thou a Light
in Darkness
Be Thou a calm anchor
weathering storms
holding fast to coral branches
Remember to rest
caring for self
to the example of others
who wish to
Be the Change
they wish to see in the World.

For only one in a thousand of us
may live to pass our Wisdom
swallowed whole
no teeth, no stomach
through three million years of tradition

Our fathers
birthing us
to Survive
Releasing us
to experience
to learn
the Truth
of our own unique Light
how best to nurture
and kindle bravely
a Beacon
on dark nights of the Soul
generous Understanding
against the cavernous
depths of the Unknown

For those new to the game, each poem is inspired by a Teacher found in Nature; a star, stone, animal, plant etc that holds lessons and Wisdom for us. This one can be found in We Are One: songs of wisdom from nature teachers available through Amazon. Can you guess who is singing today?

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