Goth Giraffes: The AI weirdness blog

I stumbled on this hilarious blog that is all about the weird and humorous results that neural-network AIs can produce. The blogger sets up all sorts of tasks for the AI, from halloween costume ideas (hence the goth giraffes) to knitting patterns, and if (like me) you enjoy absurdist humor, the results are glorious. It’s fascinating how the AIs can appear so smart and so idiotic at the same time.

I think my favorite so far is the hat-themed Harry Potter slashfic.

There was also a link to a text-generating AI that anyone can give a prompt to. I fed it the first few words of the Charge of the Goddess and this is what I got:

Listen to the words of the Great Mother,
One of the greatest books ever written, a major work of literature, one that will affect every adult with a passion for science and thought, science and religious thought, and science and science fiction.
I know that there are many scientists in America today who are interested in what Pope Francis had to say and how important this book is. I know that the tenacity of American science and the outstanding accomplishments of our scientists continue to surprise and delight our entire nation.
There is a great, and quiet revolution happening in the

Listen to the words of the Great Mother, who was of old a thorn in the flesh of whomever dared defy her.  Black sublimation is one of the secrets of the God is required to wield her true power.
Step 2
At this point you want to cast the  Magma weapon or Summoner’s Water Song.
Step 3
Use the Gather Information spell to find out how many of the fragments are actually in the Library and whether or not they are enough to do what you wish for them to do.
Step 4
Cast the Black

Listen to the words of the Great Mother, who was of old also called Artemis, (and I wonder) why she bade such Things for Her children, being old and sore distressed: and in all her speech she has a hint of the word Proserpine: for She says, ‘Let her child’s one trouble be as one of its utmost need.’ So after she had spoken she says to me, ‘Ye nymes, we do not quite love her. She is in her power the mother of our enemies, the magistrates and rich man; and her name

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