Gods merging, etc

From what I understand Egyptian deities sometimes merge.

How about other deities? What are your experiences with this in prayer or life?

I spend a lot of time praying, and I’ve had some interesting experiences with this even though in the Christian tradition which is a part of my path (albeit informed by liberal and other theologies) this is not something I know of.

Nevertheless I have experienced Christ appearing as my tiger god even though in my prayers and usual experiences they are distinct.

I also have experienced a similar syncretism between my nymph friend and the Blessed Virgin.

Finally, my Wise Old Woman has appeared in multiple forms.  The most unusual was when I was reciting the rosary, and she appeared in my meditations as Alice and Wonderland, and she expounded each Christian mystery associated with the Rosary with scenes from the Alice and Wonderland books.

The Coronation was related for example to Alice crossing the chess board and becoming queen.  I still don’t know why my spirit friend would take this form, but she was relating spiritual ideas through the lens of fiction relatable to me.  (I also had a devotion to the Alice character in the past.)

Pardon me if I share too much!  I don’t think there are many places other than this forum that I can discuss these aspects of spirituality.

How about you? Do you find your deities or other spirits merging?  Or appearing in the guise of another deity? or even taking on fictional or pop culture forms?

How does this happen for you?  I mean, how do you apprehend these experiences? Is it your intuition?  Does it happen for you in meditation?

What are your thoughts on this topic?

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