Goddesses or Not?

The Head of Medusa by Peter Paul Rubens, circa...
The Head of Medusa by Peter Paul Rubens, circa 1618. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Out and about on the interwebs, I’ve come across a few tidbits of information that I’d like to get your take on. I’m just a little curious about a few mythic figures. Namely, Medusa, Lilith, and Boudicca.

Do any of you consider Medusa a Goddess? I realize she was originally mortal in the myths, turned into a “monster” by Athena. A few places I’ve visited seem to see Medusa as the shadow aspect of Athena in an archetypal sense. Others seem to think she was originally a goddess demoted by the patriarchy. Of course, I don’t know if I buy the pre-patriarchal matriarchy myth. However, lurking around, I know people have worked with her as a deity. Has anyone here done so? If you don’t mind sharing, what was your experience like?

I have the same questions about Boudicca. I know she was a historical queen and somewhat (ok, no. Definitely) a badass. I’ve seen people mention her as a Goddess also. What is your take? Has anyone worked with Boudicca as a spirit/guide/deity?

And finally, Lilith. I know she’s probably a pure demon and not a Goddess at all. Though, again, people seem to invoke her as a deity in ritual, especially in women-centered circles. These are braver souls than me. That is for sure. Because as far as I can tell, there is precious little in her mythology that would make her more than a storm demon.

Of course, I guess the underlying question is at what point do you think a mythic figure becomes a Deity?

Like, in the Christian scriptures, there is little on the surface of the texts to make Mary anything but a young Jewish woman. However, with all of the devotion and love from her followers, the titles She’s accrued over time (Queen of Heaven?), I have no doubt She is a goddess. The same thing with Kwannon/Quan Yin. They both function as Goddesses.

So…again, what do ya’ll think?