Getting into the head of a Fae character

I’m (very) occasionally working on a fan-fiction set in an anime/manga world (Oh My Goddess!), and one of the characters in the story (from the motion picture, actually) is described as a “fairy princess.”

She’s not central to the story, although I do have in mind to use her to bring out some important points. The thing is, though, I have little knowledge and no personal experience whatsoever with the Fae. If I’m going to write about such a character, I’d like to do justice to her.

Could someone share some knowledge and insight about these beings, or provide some resources for background reading/information? I wouldn’t mind purchasing an ebook or two, although I’m not going to go crazy with this…since it’s a fan-fiction and I don’t own the underlying rights, I’ll like as not never make a dime off the story. Just wanted to stretch my brain and have some fun with the concepts.

Thanks for any help.

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