Genealogia Deorum Gentilium

This is a book by Giovanni Boccaccio(Genealogy of the Pagan Gods). I’m wondering what some people think of this book. Is it useful at all? From what I’ve read in this book the thoughts of the author seem to be difficult to grasp. He replaces the term Demiurge with Demogorgon. Some of the things he does in this book is portray the Gods in a negative way. I’ve interpreted some of the book from my own perspective. However, you have to be familiar with what Flavius Claudius Julianus believed in which was tied to a lot of Plotinus’ views on divinity. Plato can also be useful for this if you read the Timaeus dialogue. I dunno… I had a feeling about this book a couple of years ago. Boccaccio was a controversial author during his time. Or am I wrong and should I avoid this book?

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