Gaulish Polytheism/Paganism

Relief of Nantosuelta and Sucellus from Sarrebourg

Nantosuelta and Sucellus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I first looked into Paganism, initially, I gotta admit my first reaction on Gaul was Gaul = French…eww! I explored other cultures and pantheons, however as time went on I found a strange attraction to Gaulish deities that I never expected or seemed to have with the others that I looked into. I do not have any French ancestry (that I know of) and have mostly Irish and Danish ancestry, so it puzzled me initially. But the more I think about it, the more it just feels right. The gods I feel close to are Belenus, Rosmerta, Grannus, Sucellus and Epona. Does anybody work with any of these deities? If so, how do you see them?

The thing is, information on Gaulish Paganism is scarce and there seems to be very few Gaulish Pagans out there. Is there anybody on the forum who is a Gaulish Pagan? I was wondering if there was any books/websites/anything else you could recommend that I look at.

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