Funerals and Burial

Garnisons Kirke (Garrison Church), Copenhagen,...
Headstone (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How do your religious beliefs affect how you would ideally like to be buried? Does your religion have an already existing set of funerary practices? If so, do you plan to follow them? If you’re a recon: how would you adapt ancient funerary procedures that aren’t viable in the modern world? Do you ever worry that, even if you set out your wishes in writing, non-pagan family and friends will ignore them and carry out your funeral according to their religion? Or do you view funerals as primarily for the benefit of the bereaved anyway?

I’ve been thinking a lot about how you could adapt Kemetic burials for the modern world. You can hardly state in your will that you want to be mummified, and modern embalming isn’t really the same thing, but I don’t think it actually matters that much. I have however been thinking about requesting to be buried with an amulet, probably the Eye of Heru.