For Sentimental Reasons

Balanced and Bold
a new voice arises
Sensitive yet confident
full of surprises

“Hog-nosed, Spotted
Hooded or Striped
My Wisdom
is always ripe

Once you see me
there is no
middle ground
Though seldom aggressive
the memory of my wrath
is not easily drowned!

Black and white
Day and night,
Love and hate
It is all how
You choose
to relate
Tisn’t always a case
of Either/Or
Heed my cautionary stripe
At your own peril
do you choose
my warnings to ignore

Oh hush!
Silence is golden.
Why all the uproar?
Don’t make such a stink
Those with true authority
feel no need
to sing their own praises
to dictate
or keep petty score

Trust yourself
Show no fear
Supplies are limited
Know thyself
Choose your moment wisely
Sacred self defense
not violence or aggression
reduce bullies to proverbial tears

Beginning with one’s self
Respect is both a give and take
Trust your own nose to scent
True friends from the fake

Follow me and all will see
just how desirable are we
No middle ground
Some will argue
Some agree
Others still will simply flee!

Potent, confident, diplomatic
curious and benign
We teach lessons
on how to attract or rebuff
by certain truthful sign.

We are maestros of Reputation
adorned with the musk of power
Become the masters
of sensual flirtation
find strength hidden
within every delicate flower

Respect must be
thy right I avow
Good judgement
thy sword and shield
Confidence thy plow.”

For those new to the game, each piece is inspired by a Teacher found in Nature; a star, stone, animal, plant etc that holds lessons of Wisdom for those who listen. Can you guess who is singing today?

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