Folk Wisdom from Your Childhood

What were some


(Photo credit: Emre Ergin)

s or folk practices you remember from growing up? For example, I was always told that if my palms itched it meant money was coming to me. For some reason, I turned this into my right palm itching when money is coming to me and my left palm itching when I was about to have to pay a big bill.

Hasn’t failed me yet and generally occurs within a 3-4 day window.

Another one; never put your purse on the floor or you’ll always be broke.

On another note; always have your money facing the same way in your wallet.

Never cut your hair during the new moon.

Always sweep from the back of the house to the front. (or in this case vacuum. My mother would twitch something fierce if I started anywhere but the very back room.)

I have NO explanation for any of these but some of them I still do subconsciously (the sweeping from the back to the front and never putting my purse on the floor.) What are some of yours?

What are some of yours?

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