Flaming Lioness

I have published another book, Flaming Lioness: Ancient Hymns for Egyptian Goddesses.

The Eye of Ra is a title of many ancient Egyptian Goddesses.  The Eye of Ra protects Ra and all of Egypt from enemies.  The Eye of Ra is a solar goddess associated with the cycles of the sun, solar eclipses, the star Sirius, Venus, the Morning Star, and the full moon.  All the Eye goddesses are associated with solar rays, flame and starlight—in both restorative and destructive capacities.  The Eye Goddesses are associated with snakes, cobras, lionesses, leopards and cats.

Within Flaming Lioness, there are ancient hymns to:

Aset (Isis)
Bast (Bastet)
Bast-Mut (Mut-Bast)
Hethert (Hathor)
Menhyt (Menhit)
Mut (Muth)
Nebet Het (Nephthys)
Nit (Neith)
Nut (Nuit)
Sekhmet (Sachmis)
Serqet (Selkis)
Seshat (Sesheta)
Tefnut (Tefenet)

Here is the page with more information: 

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