Finding Religion?

Throughout my life, I have participated in more than one religion, and many variations of the ones I have tried. I see this as a natural part of attempting to find my own truth and way.

I know there are folks that say “There is only one right way” as pertaining to various things, and others that say that whatever works for the individual is fine … and then there are all the degrees in between. I have been, throughout my life, one of the “just winging it” sorts, who was very solitary and very internal. I find I am at a spot in my life where I want to change that, at least a bit. Perhaps a bit more community, and a bit more regimen and ritual in my life. It feels right when I think about it.

As I start exploring my own thoughts and feelings as I read and talk to people, I find that I am unable (thus far) to find an exact match of my own belief-set or preferences. So I start something, and then I pull back, going “Noooo, this doesn’t feel right.”

Does it ever “feel right” in entirety?

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