Finding my path

Hi all, For the past 6 years I’ve been researching various Pagan religions and I am aware there are many paths to follow but myself am unsure on which one my beliefs fit with the most. I do know one thing, having studied up on the various traditions of Wicca over the years, I don’t feel a pull to it. I also have a mix of Irish, English, German and French ancestry so, I looked into Celtic and Germanic traditions. While it was interesting and I liked a few deities, I didn’t feel much of a connection to the religions of Heathenry or Celtic Paganism. I had always been interested in ancient Greece since I was young, so I went in that direction, but overall didn’t feel very in tune with many of the gods.

Do you have any advice? Any ideas on where my beliefs might fit into a particular Pagan tradition?

Here is a brief run-down of my basic spiritual beliefs:

* Soft polytheism. I’m more of a universalist, as I mainly view the gods as the same universal divinity manifesting in different forms, so I don’t see much contradiction on honoring gods of different pantheons as such.

* I’m generally not one for groups and I’m more interested in a solitary path.

* The natural world is imbued with spirit, and thus is regarded as alive and sacred.

* I don’t practice magic. I have a lot of respect for the occult and magic, but I don’t thank that that is something that I’m going for in my spiritual practices.

* A belief in karma (the universal law of cause and effect).

* A belief that all living creatures have a soul.

* A belief in reincarnation. In between each life form the soul rests in the afterlife for a period before being born into another body.

* I’m not entirely sure if there are incarnations of the divine among humanity. However I do believe that to tap into oneself is to tap into the divine.

* I follow the wheel of the year but tend to be more drawn towards the solstices and equinoxes than what I see as man-made celebrations such as Beltane or Lammas.

* Ancestor veneration is important.

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