Finding deities to work with

For a while now, I’ve been studying Druidry and Paganism in general. I’ve been a bit confused as to what kind of specific deities I should be working with. A few days ago, on the advice of a close friend I went to a well known psychic in my town. Though a bit skeptical, I decided to go to see what they had to say. During my reading with this psychic, I asked the them to help me find deities to work with on my Druidry path. To do this, the psychic pulled out two decks of cards, The Gods and Titans Oracle and Mythic Oracle: Wisdom of the Ancient Greek Pantheon and from there they said they could tell what kind of deities I should be looking into more. I shuffled the decks and decided to pull two cards from each deck. The cards I pulled were:

The Sky Father, Helios, The Green Man and Ullr.

The Sky Father to me has always been Thor (I’ve always felt drawn to him, although I know he’s not the head of a pantheon or a father god, he is none the less a sky deity). Helios, as the psychic said and I though also, could stand for any number of solar deities out there (which are deities I’ve never really looked at in all honesty). The Green Man to me symbolizes either Cernunnos or potentially an Earth deity like Gaia. The Ullr card though really puzzled me. I must say, I’ve never had any connection with Ullr and researching him a bit, I can’t say I felt drawn to him specifically. However, contemplating on it, could the cards be referring to a deity associated with hunting and/or bows and arrows? Maybe even a war deity?

Apart from Thor, which I’m fairly confident is the deity meant by the Sky Father card, does anybody have any suggestions or advice on how to find out who the other deities are who are being referred to by the cards?

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