Feeling Out of Place in the Pagan Community

I have been moving toward Paganism over the past year or so. I live in a fairly small city with a very small Pagan community. I’ve attended a Beltane event and a Pagan pride parade in my community and feel very uncomfortable being part of the broader community.

Firstly, I’m nearly 30 and most of the girls are 20-ish and in a totally different spot in their lives. The fantasy stuff (Ren Faire, Cloaks etc), and Wiccanate paradigm is not for me either. Most of the people are very nice and normal, but a few seem a bit unhinged (anger, self-destructive behaviour, radical political beliefs, hate Christians etc.)

I feel odd as a solitary practitioner, but I’m wondering if this a really a bunch of people I want to get involved with on an ongoing basis? Should I give this another shot?

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