Fearsome Deities of the Modern World?

English: The Tigh na Cailleach near Glen Lyon ...
The Tigh na Cailleach near Glen Lyon in Perthshire, Scotland (Photo: Wikipedia)

It occurs to me that there’s something of a disconnect when people in developed countries worship Gods that could be considered “dark.” For instance, Sekhmet can send plagues. But, well, what does that actually mean for people who live in a society with advanced antibiotics? The Cailleach is, among other things, the fearsome winter — but since I don’t live in an agricultural society, I’ve never been afraid of not having enough food to last the winter, or that I’ll freeze to death.

So my question is: do you think there are Gods Who relate to things gravely feared in our society — for instance, is there a Goddess of Cancer? A God of Serial Killers? If there are, would you worship Them? If such Gods don’t exist, why not?