Favourite YouTubers?

Have people got favourite YouTubers?

I don’t really follow the standard ‘influencers’, but I do have a favourite channel just for funsies which is ‘Slapped Ham’ (mostly focused on ghosty footage & photos, with occasional other weirdness).  The presenter seems really personable and I’ve just become quite fond of watching these vids.

I also love K’eyush the Stunt Dog — if you like cute doggo videos, you’ll like these.

And finally, my husband watches a few channels to do with MMORPGs, especially, World of Warcraft in particular and although I haven’t subscribed myself, I always find myself getting absorbed watching over his shoulder when he’s viewing Taliesin & Evitel.  I particularly like  Taliesin’s delivery, he strikes me as quite a bright guy and he’s really engaging with how he talks about stuff.  Plus, he has a catch phrase which I find really fun (cos it has cuss words in it, and I’m a child!   :P)  (Nothing to do with Celtic mythology I’m afraid, though.)

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