Exploring “low” magic and could use some suggestions on resources

spell photoI finally picked up a book on witchcraft, the Hedge Witch Book of Days, and it has all kinds of fun stuff in it (recipes!). However, since it’s basically a “through the year” kind of a book, it’s a little light on practical stuff and I’d love more information.

First off, a little about me. I’m 30 years old as exploring a new path. I’ve been sort of on this journey for maybe nine months. Publicly, I’m an Episcopal Christian with Celtic leanings, but I’m also extremely drawn to druidry, pagan ideas, and recently, witchcraft. I feel like Brigid, who kind of straddles the pagan and Christian world, keeps elbowing me, as well.

I have my own place and live well away from family, which is good since I cannot imagine them being supportive of anything even mildly witchy or pagan. I grew up fundamental-lite Christian, so yeah. They love me, but “going to hell” would be a very real concern for them.

Anyway, I’m not particularly interested in ceremonial magic at the moment, although I do like ceremony (hence the Episcopal thing), ritual, etc. I want practicality, and I’m curious about the Green/Hedge/Kitchen Witch path–I’ve dabbled in herbs since I was in my teens and kept a nature journal for almost as long, so being connected to nature and working with plants isn’t entirely new.

Also, I love physical books, so “go check out this website” is probably not something I’m going to do on a regular basis. I’d much rather hold a book in my hand that I can read, take notes in, mark, etc.

I’m eyeing Grimoire for the Green Witch. It has tons of high reviews on Amazon (and keep in mind I’m a BEGINNNER as in I have barely actually done anything yet–I’m also staying with my parents for a bit due to a break from work and family circumstances–so books that absolutely spell out the basics are totally fine). I’m not particularly interested in Wicca as a religion although I like the god/goddess concept, etc.

I guess what I’m really looking for is basic books on magic, but not so much ceremonial magic as practical magic.

As a sort of somewhat related question, I was listening to a podcast and somebody was saying that the idea of a “power animal” is–off? Wrong? I hadn’t really heard the term “power animal” before, but I got the idea that it’s sort of what other people call a “spirit animal”. The book I have refers to them as “power animals”. Is this wrong? What were they talking about? Help? (I’m so lost… if something I’ve said doesn’t make sense or needs clarification just ask… I may have said it weird since I’m extremely new to this and paganism and magic is sort of a foreign language; I’m still getting over my fundie “magic is devil worship” and “using crystals sounds so hokey even though I can see why you would” hangups in some areas.)