Europe TC Meet-Up?

English: The City of London skyline as viewed ...
The City of London skyline (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So after Shad had to skip my wedding, she mentioned possibly coming to Europe next year. Which led to discussions about possibly doing a broader meetup surrounding her visit. Which led to NaomiJ and myself getting overexcited (since we had a great time together in London last month), so we thought we’d do some brainstorming etc.

Now this is very early days yet, so there’s nothing specific yet, especially since a lot would depend on how many people would be interested in joining, and where they’re travelling from etc.

I’ll list some current thoughts we’ve been floating, but if you’re interested, DO feel free to make suggestions, but mostly, let us know what would work for you so we can see what would lead to the most people actually being able to make it.

Current thoughts lean to the UK, since we seem to have quite a few members there, but Germany or the Netherlands have also been floated as options. London would be easy by way of travel, but expensive; Naomi and I have been considering whether it would be nice to rent a vacation home somewhere for a couple of days and do our own cooking etc as a cheaper alternative. Alternately, if we’re doing this near my home, I might be able to offer places to sleep to some people. If we go that route, I’d want to suggest that those staying at someone’s home chip in to help with the hotel costs for those who can’t.

Whatever we do, it MUST have a handicap accessible option (whether that’s “near London and Nay joins from home” or “one big accessible rental place” or “multiple hotels rooms/homes and some are accessible”). If we’re renting anything, this means we should plan far enough ahead so we don’t run into the problem of all accessible places being booked.

Considering the regions we’re currently considering, I’d suggest doing this late spring / summer, so we’d have a good shot at decent weather. Of course, that does depend on what we want to be doing as well; if we want to be, say, in a nature area and maybe do some hiking type activities, weather’s more important than if we want to sit inside and talk over our tea and yarnwork.

Again, feel free to chime in with any thoughts; I just thought we’d get things going.