Ethics of Pagan Supplies

How important is it to you to make sure the supplies you need for your spirituality/religion/path are ethically sourced?

What are your parameters for “ethically sourced” and has thinking about this in your ritual/pagan practices changed the way you source mundane stuff in your life?

For me I try to make sure what i obtain for my path is some mixture of: do I really need it, second hand, a renewable resource, not environmentally damaging, made and sold by individuals or small business, and as local as possible.

obviously I can’t do all of this all the time but this is the ideal for me (And I am not judging people who can’t buy within these parameters due to economic or social circumstances.)

Also I am finding that the more I think about this in relation to my spiritual life it is bleeding through to the rest of my life (which is an experience I’ve had a lot since I started my path.)

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