Energy request

All at once I’ve got a whole lot going on in life which is going to take a lot of spoons (renewing a disability benefit claim for my husband, lodging a disability benefit claim for myself, negotiating a substantial rent hike our landlord is proposing to impose on us which we can’t actually afford without major budgetary revision, plus taking an accreditation course at work (which I realise I’ve not touched since before lockdown due to workload at my day job during the lockdown — so I’ve gotten really behind and have a tonne of catching up to do)).

I also joined a book club at work along with my boss which was kind of against my better judgement as I knew it’d be taking on too much, but I felt it important as it’s BLM focused.  (Fortunately my New Order of Druids studies are allowed to go completely at my own pace, even if that pace is glacially slow.)

So any energy which could kindly be directed my way would be most gratefully received, with many thanks!

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