Drop in Activity on Pagan Websites?

Has anyone else noticed a massive slowing down of traffic on Pagan-related websites? I really miss Bewitching Ways and the old Covenspace. When my husband and I met on WitchVox in 2004 the sheer volume and quick-pace of resources being added was nearly overwhelming. There were pages upon pages of Pagan personal ads for my area alone. There were several metaphysical shops in my area. Now I have one. Covenspace was a wonderful alternative to Facebook and I made a lot of great friends and connections there. Paganspace is a little more difficult to navigate and I’m having trouble making connections as easily. Even the “New Age/Occult” section of my local bookstores has shrunk dramatically over the past decade. Is this a regional observation, or did the Craft reach its zenith in the 90s and early 2000s and is waning, or have we backed away from the public eye and become more guarded?

Any thoughts or perspectives on this?

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