Divination Sets and Their Personalities/Characteristics

Ogham alphabet (non-IPA)

Ogham alphabet (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve seen a lot of Pagans talk about divination sets and their personalities, which often seem to be independent of things like whether the set/symbols were hewn out of a rare tree or scribbled on the back of bits of paper. I’m relatively new to divination, but I’m learning this about tarot and Ogham sets myself. My DruidCraft tarot deck likes to push me to get practical things done, while my symbols-on-the-‘right’-trees Ogham set likes to be a bit ironic and ‘told you so’ about things, and my Wild Wood tarot seems to be deeply mystical. Some of this is based on the imagery of the set in question – the Wild Wood tarot was never going to be highly practical, with all those inner-world archetypes, for example. But some of it seems to be about the particular set – I have a set of Ogham cards that seems fairly neutral in comparison, even though they both use the same basic symbols.

So, a couple of questions come out of this:

1) Do you have a divination set with a particularly interesting ‘personality’? What kinds of experiences have clued you into this?

2) Do you think the ‘personality’ of a set has more to do with the type of divination it’s set up to do, or is it more about the character of a specific set? Is the Thoth tarot destined to be weird and dark, or could you conceive of a cheerful Thoth deck?

3) Or do you think it’s not possible for a set of printed cards or factory-etched runes to have any kind of personality? In that case, would you be more willing to ascribe one to a hand-made set?

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