Diversity in advertising

I’m a big TV fan, but was never keen on TV advertising, except if it was clever and amusing.  (I’ve always joked that it’s brainwashing, and I’ll either fast-forward or at least mute the TV during the advertising breaks.)

But one thing it’s started to prove really good for lately is presenting images of diversity to the populace.  We’re starting to see lots more different sorts of peeps in adverts, who wouldn’t traditionally have featured alongside the skinny models and groupings of actors representing families with two point four children.  At least here in England.  And some of them have really positive messages incorporated in the advert.

In fact there’s even an advert made by one of the big high street banks which talks about how mental illness affects 1 in 4 at some point in their lives, and the fact it’s made by a bank is fairly subtle, considering.

Is this the case where you are?  Do you have examples of where it’s done well?  Are there also badly done examples, ones which make you cringe?

How do you feel about it overall?  It’s contributing to a gradually more tolerant society over time, isn’t it?  Or are there drawbacks that you can see?

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