Deities: Separate or the Same?

detail of an image stone with Thor, Odin and Freyr
Detail of an image stone with Thor, Odin and Freyr (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I first decided to believe in deities, I chose to accept them all as separate beings. And by that I mean, the Greek gods and goddesses were real, the Norse gods and goddesses were real, and so were Celtic and Irish and so on and so forth. They were all separate beings in my eyes.

But upon working and researching Lilith, my views have started to change. I’ve been noticing how many different cultures have a deity eerie similar to Lilith. And I started wondering if perhaps all the deities weren’t different, but merely one being twisted from culture to culture. Like with Lilith, perhaps she is Lilith, but also Inanna, but also Maeve, but also Hecate or the Morrigan. And Zues would be Jupiter and Odin.

This is just an idea I’m playing with.. But is it wrong to think this way? I suppose the beauty of paganism is the ability to chose your own beliefs. I guess I just wonder if I’m alone in this idea. Any thoughts?