Deities for Pets (and Familiars/Livestock)

English: Idols of Indian deities
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The short of it is that I keep pets and I’d like to ask a deity to work with me in maintaining their health.

The long of it is that I’ve had a couple vet trips this year, a big move, and I’m not feeling super confident even though I know logically that I’ve got everything matching or better than the ‘ideal condition’ for each pet, and I’d like a bit of well, help. The deities I regularly work with do, but it’s not their forte, so to speak, and long term work in that niche isn’t going to be ideal. I’d also like to build a relationship so that the occasional more heavy or specific petitioning was not out of place.

Specifically, I have rodents and reptiles, and should I find one I feel a bit of a pull to working with a snake deity, though I’m not aware of any other than general nagas. I don’t work with any specific pantheon.

To be very clear, all mundane things are covered, everyone has food, water, shelter, health care, cleanliness, etc.

Familiars/Livestock is mainly to cast a wider net, they are less ideal, but at the same time I think that since what animals people keep for what reason has evolved, at least some of these deities will be willing to work on a wider purpose than their label, and in any case, suggestions will give me a jumping point.