Deifying Disney?

I stumbled across an interesting website a couple of weeks back called the Cunning Wife, she writes all sorts of fascinating articles about witchcraft and folklore. But the series that really piqued my interest was the one titled ‘Witches Incognito’. Where she reinterprets classic fairy tale princesses as witches themselves, I started on the Cinderella one and I was hooked from there.

This gem can be found here:

Even if you don’t agree with her analysis it certainly is a different way of viewing beloved, old tales.

So this got me thinking, I’ve encountered Pop Culture Pagans who venerate superheroes, Game of Thrones Characters etc. But what about Disney? Or Don Bluth films? Heck, even Moomins or Winnie the Pooh could lend themselves to it.
Working with Jim Henson’s and Brian Froud’s creations could be interesting too. I imagine working with the Mystics and Gelflings from the Dark Crystal could be an interesting and fulfilling path. The thought of communing with Aughra also rather tickles me. ;D

Are you guys out there? Do you work with fictional characters from your childhood? Do you view them as guides or mentors?  Sorry for all the questions, my mind is just a-buzz with activity tonight. XD

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