Defunt Religions

Okay, the problem I have with Christianity is that it is no longer easy for people to learn ethics they can apply to their modern lives from these stories.  The problem I have with Paganism is that it is trying to be out of date as well.  Neither are addressing the ethical issues confronting people who want to make the best choices with all the new science and information and resources available to them today.

I have spoken in tounges.  I have done energy healings.  My pendulum works about as well as can be expected considering my guides.  I have gotten good readings with tarot cards and the Lenormand cards.  I am perfectly happy to muddle through life without referencing any religious texts.

My children learned their ethics from Japnese anime and Harry Potter.  And perhaps from me. I don’t think with the resources available to me I could have done a better job.

So really all the religions make feel as if I have been given a book on MS-DOS copyright 1981 and am told to take that as my only source and build a hot new phone app that works on Apple and Samsung.

Does anyone ever feel this way?  Is it just me?

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