Deck Recommendations?

Tarot card from the Rider-Waite tarot deck, al...
Tarot card from the Rider-Waite tarot deck. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I feel like there was a different section for this or something (other than the book suggestions; maybe a mega thread), but I’m not seeing it so hopefully I’m not looking in the wrong place. I know I enjoyed the bad decks thread.

I’m looking for a tarot deck. I’ve got no money, so I’ve got plenty of time to pick it.

What I’m looking for
– Preferably tarot (vs oracle or other)
– Assuming tarot, preferably the symbolism similar to Rider-Waite (I’m pretty sure they’re not the only one who uses it)- eg the moon with dog/wolf/crayfish/moon, three of cups with clinking, stength with a lion, etc. I just really like this set up and I’m fairly familiar with it. (really, I greatly greatly prefer it, but I will take other examples especially if justified in not using this)
– Decent art (see below)
– On card stock (see below)

Particular benefits
– Non-mass produced (I see a lot of nice decks on kickstarter, actually- the ones that go into production must have websites or be available through someone’s), if only because I like the extra options and I think there are more with art that speaks to me (vs the wood-block-ish traditional or weird computer generated) (on the other hand, mass produced=easy to get, so I mean, go for it if you know good ones)
– As such, if they’re on etsy or whatever, not printed on printer paper and not download and print yourself (because the first one isn’t handleable and the second I’ll screw up)
– Smallish in size (like playing cards, not like mini tarot), because I have small hands and struggle with larger cards (I’ve had two sets that were like, 4″x6″; eek), but like indie decks, not super important as long as they’re not unusable

Don’t want
– Bad art (subjective, I know. I mean bad photoshopping, that sort of thing)
– Boring art (eg, non-face cards are like playing cards)
– Not available in/doesn’t ship to Canada