Daily/Weekly Routines as a Hellene or Hellenic Pagan

As of late, I’ve been doing more and more research into hellenic polytheism, and recently finished Hellenic Polytheism: Household Worship by LABRYS. This pushed me to look on the new and old boards of TC for what others do in terms of daily and weekly routines. I have seen the article for the complete morning and evening prayers for Hellenic pagans, as well as the short version. While I’d love to do these… I can already tell that I wouldn’t be able to do so due to my schedule as a teacher (up at 5, Gym at 5:30, go to work at 6:45, and then work from 7:45 to 4 PM… bed by 9 PM).

I’m curious: as a Hellenic pagan, what do you daily with the Olympian Deities? What do you do weekly with them?

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