Daily Prayer

Virgin in Prayer, Engraving, Die heilige Jungf...
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was wondering if daily prayer is a part of people’s paths and personal practices, as I find it very satisfying and grounding, though I haven’t heard very much about it in pagan religions.

My prayers tend to be of a Christian nature from a Catholic prayer book, just because I like the structure and am pretty open to various religious practices. I haven’t found pagan “daily devotions” that particularly speak to me, and I don’t have the talent to write my own. I know in recon paths people often should honour gods in their personal shrine, or give libations and prayers, on a daily basis. I personally don’t want to bother with incense and offerings every day, but I do like the idea of prayer. Some neo-pagans seem to do daily meditations and visualization work, though I’m not too interested in that. I prefer a more devotional practice.

Maybe because of my Christian background, I like the idea of long, traditional prayers from a prayer book done on a daily basis without much variation. There are ancient hymns to ancient deities that I have found, but not much in the way of prayers without propitiation, which is fine, just not what I’m used to.

I’m wondering what daily practice looks like for other people here.