D.J. Conway has passed away


According to a post on her official Facebook page, D.J. Conway “passed into the loving arms of the Goddess on Friday, Feb. 1, 2019. She gifted this world and all of us with the knowledge of the Old Ones through her wit and wisdom. The cares of this world are now lifted from your body, mind, and spirit.”

From the Wild Hunt article.

And an article by Jason Mankey at Raise the Horns.

I also found this article by my friend Diane interesting — about how the outright vitriol directed her way in life has turned into “fond remembrances” in death.

Personally, while there was definitely stuff in her work that was…well, bad — her books still inspired me as a young witch. I still have a very beat up copy of Animal Magick somewhere that I’ll likely never get rid of.

What is remembered, lives.

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