Curiosity vs. Call

Thinking (Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn)

Since becoming a pagan years ago, I’ve noticed that there seems to be an inclination amongst pagans to look at certain things from a mystical point-of-view rather than a mundane one. For example, we often get questions on TC about whether the sighting of certain animals (flocks of crows, colonies of bats, herds of deer, etc.) is a sign of something that applies to the viewer, or whether thinking about something on a routine basis can be considered a call.

I know I’ve annoyed more than one poster with my “from a mundane standpoint” responses to such questions, and I also know that I have a very difficult time wrapping my head around the idea that animal sightings, especially in the habitat where said animals live, are signs of something, or that a topic running through my mind is anything more than curiosity about the topic.

If I see a bunch of rabbits hopping around my yard (which I do on a routine basis), my first thought tends to be “Oh, rabbits!” rather than to wonder if the rabbits represent something I should be doing or thinking. If a topic crosses my mind (like the recent post I made on Dark Elves in the A&H SIG), I take it as a sign of personal curiosity and I try to learn more about it.

So, what inclines some people toward seeing the mystical or spiritual in everything, and others to not? Should we lean one way or the other, or is there a middle ground? What do you tend to do?