Criticism of reconstructionism

I recall leaving Wicca for Ásatrú back in my teens  because I was looking for the depth I associated with reconstructionism. Now, however, I think reconstructionism can be limiting.

I looked for experienced reconstructionist people on the web because I wanted to know what they think about thorny issues within reconstructionism, like purity requirements. Just a few such people answered me; some answers were somewhat vague; some were eccentric but no backing from a source was provided; some seemed to be common within that community, but no clear ancient precedent was mentioned.

What I want to say is that I’m so used to think in a reconstructionistic way that anything non-reconstructionistic seems to be not enough and/or even just wrong.

When I was a Wiccan I felt I could just invite a Deity to the circle, talk to that Deity in my native language, offer that Deity incense, maybe light candles during the ritual to which that Deity was invited, etc..

Now I think that:

– I, my room, my clothes, etc. must be strictly pure before I think of doing any ritual. I, however, am not sure about how to cleanse myself, my clothes, etc., since it varies according to overall tradition (like Hellenic, Egyptian, etc.) and varies even within traditions (like from temple to temple regulation within Hellenism, etc.), from source to source, etc.. It may require just abstention, a bath (perhaps in a river), maybe blood from an animal, etc.;
– I must have to be without sex, masturbation or any bodily fluid for two days at least (counting that the day starts at the previous day’s sunset); also for two days at least I must have not touched menstruating women nor animals, nor corpses or people who’ve been around any corpse, nor any murderer, nor any newborn baby, nor any woman who gave birth recently, etc.;
– the most correct language to address any Deity is any language in which people already talked to that Deity before in ancient times according to extant sources;
– I don’t know what to offer several Deities; it’s not clear what many Deities were offered apart from meat of animals slaughtered for that ritual;
– there’s proof that incense was offered Deities in Mediterranean regions, but it’s not clear it was the case in other places. And I’m not aware of ancient use of candles as offering.

I don’t know… I like the idea of just praying to Deities, lighting colored candles when praying to them and offering them incense, maybe flowers and/or libations, not that differently from the folk Catholicism/Umbanda mix I grew up with. I immagine that, a simple polytheistic practice within the limits of what I’ve lived regarding religion. With no worries as for ancestry, etc.. But I don’t know if this is possible…

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