Creating Your Own Divination Deck

2013 Divination
Divination (Photo credit: Morag.Spinner)

I’m actually working on my second divination deck and I was wondering if anybody else has experience doing this sort of thing and wants to weigh in with thoughts or advice.

My first deck was what I called a Calvincard deck – it’s made up of a variety of cards from various collectible card games (I was working in a games shop when I made it) and it got its name because I originally played it like Calvinball, except with cards. When they’re all slipped into TCG sleeves they’re fairly identical and I got in the habit of reading with them when I didn’t have my tarot cards. Mostly I just went by the obvious suggestions of the card names for those.

My current project is a divination deck that exists inside my massive fiction project. I’m still getting a feel for it. I made the deck via an online printer and chose the art based on intuition and pictures I’d saved because they reminded me of specific aspects of the universe. For the most part they represent archetypes or powers that are relevant to that specific universe, but I’m reading almost entirely on intuition when I use them. I’d like to figure out a way to be more methodical with them.

Any suggestions? I’ve thought about meditation on one card at a time, but I feel like there might be an easier or a more… I dunno, elegant solution? So I’m open to hearing whatever you guys might have to suggest.