Countdown to a Cauldron event: Up All Night 2019 in a few days!

Start banking your sleep, folks–Up All Night, the Cauldron’s annual solstice celebration, is only a few days away!

You don’t know what Up All Night (UAN) is? It’s the one night a year (the longest night in the northern hemisphere, shortest in the southern) when Cauldron members gather together simultaneously via the miracle of modern technology–here in the forum, in chat, and in videoconference–to share our experiences, shoot the breeze, do a group meditation, post everything from pictures to music to recipes and other links–as we try to stay awake all night long!*

*No, you don’t have to be staying up all night, though many of us do! You can join the evening for all or part of it, contribute as little or as much as want. Whatever works for you.

So mark the evening of December 21 on your calendar–a Saturday night this year, so if you work a weekday 9-to-5 schedule, you can sleep it off on Sunday. It starts at sunset on December 21–that’s sunset wherever you are–and ends officially at the next sunrise.

I’ll post more details–this year’s non-theme, instructions for the Great Global Group Meditation–soon, but in the meantime…

what’s your #1 strategy for staying awake? Tell us what your trick is!

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