A thread for fellow cosplayers to discuss this hobby, share tips & tricks and maybe the odd photo should you wish.

Does anyone else cosplay?

How did you get into it, and do you have a favourite genre or franchise you like to cosplay in particular?

We’re just back from our third comicon in cosplay – this time we were Star Wars characters and previously we’ve been 2000AD Judges and Star Trek characters.

I think my next project might be Alice from the Resident Evil films (films 2 & onward, I can’t wear what she wears in the first film).  My husband is working on a mash up of Boba Fett and Johnny Alpha.

It was my husband who got me into it, really – we’re long time LARPers but a couple of years ago he started getting into making cosplay projects and talked me into joining him at the comicons.

It’s an expensive hobby, though, because not only do the projects cost money so do the comicons, plus travel and then there’s all the money one tends to spend at these events!  So we can only go to a small handful a year (plus then there’s my spoons level, as well).

Anyone else?

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