Connecting with Local Nature Spirits

paint "Kindred Spirits", 1849

“Kindred Spirits”, 1849 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

At some point I came to a place in my path where I believed not only that all things are in or a part of the Divine, panentheism, but also that animals, plants, rocks, are individual persons within the oneness of the cosmos. This kind of just happened for me with my experience of the world over time and certain events I experienced.

My approach to this change in my perspective has been pretty simple. I try to recycle, save water, that kind of thing. I visit nature in a place near my home. Sometimes I leave offerings of bread and water. Other times I just pick up trash or say some prayers for the life in the area and meditate.

I think this is a pretty good way to connect where I am right now in my path and experiences. I do plan on researching local plants and animals and such and if I can find the information I’d like to find out how local spirits were honored in my area of the country in the past, but that will take some time.

Would anyone have any suggestions on what you have found works in creating a closer connection between yourself and local nature areas or spirits?

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