Coming to Up All Night 2018: Divination!

Eastling had the great idea of making divination for the coming new year a part of Up All Night‘s  festivities, so now we’ve got that to look forward to, as well as the Great Global Group Meditation and the general partying that always comes with UAN!

At some point on the evening of December 21, Eastling will open a thread in this Divinatory Arts section titled “Up All Night 2018: Oracles for the New Year”, which will be separate from the main UAN thread. Cauldronites will be invited to post to it explaining how they do divinations, what Powers (if any) they call on for it, and what kind of divinations they’re offering tonight. Others can then reply to any post within the thread asking the poster for a divination either there in the thread or somewhere more private (PMs here or on Discord). Then…save it somewhere and see how it applies to the coming year.

Expect the unexpected!

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