Closing an Energy Healing

I am mostly a faith healer.  I have mostly worked only on close friends and family members.  I have not closed a healing.  Ever. I have had this gift for at least 35 years.  I am aware that a persons healing can continue after initial contact with me for a period of time.  They can feel it at night or when they are at rest for days sometimes.

If I do a full body healing and there is an area that needs lots of work, I get fatigued or physically uncomfortable holding my position and it still needs more work, so I continue on to the next area knowing the healing will continue in the areas needing the most work.

My mother-in-law had much training and she closes off her healing sessions and does things differently from me.  However, she concedes that her guides say I do not need to change my ways.  That my ways work for me.

If I heal for someone outside of a family member, will they become frightened or disturbed by my not closing the healing?

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