Clairaudience and a story

My stepson (I’ll call him Matthew) is autistic with cerebral palsy, quite severely so, and he was frequently surrounded by interesting phenomenon. Among other events, he would often laugh hysterically in the middle of the night in his blacked-out room – not just an ordinary laugh, but the exact brand as when being barraged with tickles: frenzied and joyous, and without triggering him to get up and run around, as also happened regularly. While his many doctors would say it was a symptom of his delays, I personally felt as if he was always accompanied by a protective spirit.

In 2017 Matthew was accepted into a group home, and shortly thereafter several undeniably curious things happened. Firstly, I had a clairaudient event (which is something I’d never experienced before): someone clearly whispering my name, twice in three days. Secondly, a shadow in the mirror of his room when I walked past.

Being an amateur student of pagan practices, and reflecting on the fact that Matthew’s father had died under mysterious circumstances several years prior, I made three divination attempts – one of scrying and two of automatic writing. The scrying led to nothing (I didn’t have a dark cloth), and while the automatic writing sessions contained interesting noises and a general sense of presence, the writing itself produced no clear leads, even after study and reflection. In retrospect I should have carried something with me into the sessions to help connect me to his father, but by the time I realized this it was too late: the phenomenon ceased less than a month after Matthew’s move.

But that voice in my ear. It was crystal.

I sought out Buckland’s Book of Spirit Communication in an effort to research clairaudience. He does list three or four exercises by which to develop the skill, but there was little other information about the technique itself. Therefore, since that time I have been asking the few pagans I know (all online) if they know of any solid leads (or potential solid leads) for working with clairaudience. Again too late, I later realized I could have dug deeper into Vitchvox also, but…  :'(

Any ideas? Suggestions? And is it even possible that the spirit wasn’t his father? I mean, I’m sure it’s possible, I just didn’t notice the phenomenon before the man died, and I never got any sense of malice or discontent from it. It was protective, even playful.


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