tarot (Photo credit: terriem)

I could not think of a better term than Christo-Pagan, although I only worship Christ.

I struggled a lot with Christianity growing up, because of the way it was presented to me. I dabbled in Agnosticism here and there, but always believed in a Higher Power. I was drawn out of my Protestant upbringing to the Catholic Church. From there, I found the Eastern Orthodox Christian Church.

At that Church, I feel like I am home. I feel intense peace and belonging. Yet, I still believe that religious beliefs fall on a spectrum. I dabble in energy work and Tarot cards still, but not in anyway that runs contrary to Christianity. I use energy work and Tarot readings as my own inner insight.

Is anyone else like this? I still feel weird about it, because I know many Christians would reject me upon hearing this, but at the same time, they are my true feelings.

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