Christian Trinity and Gaelic Polytheism?

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Is it possible to honor and believe in the christian trinity and still be a Gaelic Polytheist? Or can one blend the two paths?

For a little background info; I consider myself a seeker again. I’ve gone through some major ‘me’ changes that shook loose my loose foundations in Kemeticism and Flamekeeping. It loosened it up enough that I’m back to square one. I’ve got this indescribable pull towards the christian Trinity, with a lot of focus on the Holy Spirit and St. Mary. That would be simple enough, if I didn’t also have the draw to Gaelic polytheism. So, I’m trying to balance those two pulls and find some common ground between the two. I’m not sure if I’m making much sense, but I’m trying.

Does anybody have any input or thoughts on what I’m trying to grasp at? Any suggested directions I should head?

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