Change and deity

I’ve almost no personal experience of magic, but in my imagination at least it’s possibly one of the very few things in the universe that’s truly not limited, at least from our rather limited human perspective.

With that said, warfare, I feel, is a thing which has existed since at least as long as humankind – and (perhaps I’m just a huge cynic) will exist for at least as long as our species.  So arguably an unlimited phenomenon afterall, actually?

Now that I think about it, the same could be said of other phenomena, such as love.

Even something like prosperity, which doesn’t necessarily only refer to financial prosperity but to the fact that all societies (even individuals) need a certain level of availability of resources in order to, well, in order to prosper…

Anyone else feel as though a whole new thread could evolve out of some of the above?  (Not sure what it’d be titled, though…)

(Also, just to add for the sake of full disclosure , that I don’t actually have deities as such as part of my current path, which is why I hadn’t joined in on this thread until now.)

A quote from another thread started has tied into a question I’ve been musing for a while so I thought Id take up Perdita’s suggestion and start a new thread.

Now the original point was how certain phenomena are limited or unlimited so I’ll add an interesting point ( as quoted from here ) that certain of our cells are being replaced at various intervals, meaning that we are constantly changing.

This relates because concepts such as war or love have changed over time ( especially if we look back to them at their most basic as fight the tiger or die and attraction to mate ) almost like cells in our bodies. And the landscape has also changed with erosion or volcanoes etc..

So the question is, if all these things have changed how have our deities and our concepts of them changed? Have they changed or do they just die in some way and get replaced? Because it’s obvious that there have been changes over time.

And as a side thought. How has magic changed? Is it just our understanding or the way energy flows?

Anyway, this is a bit rough as I’m still getting used to how this works also but thoughts, ideas, UPG and added questions are all welcome

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