Cards Pendulums and Energy Healing.

These are the things have kinda worked for me.  My pendulum just tells me whatever it feels like telling me if I ask it questions.  Its like it wants to make me happy and doesn’t bother to fact check itself.  But I can assess chakras with it.  It will spin and I can see I have balanced and corrected the Chakra in need of such things.

Well, I thought this would be a cool way show my sister Chakras were real.  I could hand her the pendulum and she could feel them spin the pendulum.  Proof, easy peasy!  That is so not what happened.  Pendulums are dead to her, I mean Dead.  A demonstration is not the same as feeling it.  Why isn’t anything easy?

I confirmed her right palm chakra was slowed down, but she wouldn’t let mojo it, or check and balance her chakras.  But I think might believe there is something to that now.

With cards, they are spooky about always giving the right cards in any reading. Saying the same thing with different cards, same cards turning up like bad pennies.  The pendulum says cards work like this for everyone and pendulums do not.  Is this true?  I don’t trust my pendulum.

And sometimes in a reading I use my pendulum to try an assess the meaning of a card in the spread.  It seems to be working with honestly there, but its so untrustworthy when cards are not involved.

My lapis pendulum just disappeared.  My amethyst pendulum refused to help me locate it.  I think it is because I am supposed to have a family outing with my mother-in-law and the lapis allows me to speak things they’d rather I not say for the sake of the day.  They swear it will turn up.

I need advice about using a pendulum with a card reading considering my troubles with them outside of chakra work.  Should I?  They seem okay and like me using the cards.

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