Card and more cards…

I was learning the tarot but then I got the Dreams of Gaia deck which is about as far from tarot as you can get and still be called tarot.  For a spiritual question, I always grab the Gaia deck.  However, if I want to sort of spy on our family of employees, I grab my beginners deck.

For practice, I sometimes say a person’s name, usually someone who works for my husband and just take a general peek.  The manager at this store’s relationship is solid and good, the 10 of swords on the one that looked shifty,  That’s why that card showed up in my husband’s reading……Well, that sort of thing.

The Lenormand if I really want to dig around more than with the tarot.

I also got some different decks when I learned that each deck works better for me for certain things and kinds of questions.  And that is just it,  I am fully stocked up with what I have coming for xmas.  I didn’t expect to go nuts over the cards and want so many decks.

It takes time to learn these cards and my readings are vague.  They don’t paint vivid stories yet, just a general idea.  I did a Gaia reading for my daughter today and was able to find suggestions based on the reading to help her with some issues.  I want to learn Tarot, Lenormand, Kipper, and gypsy oracle cards.

But the tarot is where I am studying now and where I bought more decks than I think I should have.  One deck, in particular, I ordered myself for xmas, I wonder about.  I saw it and wanted to gift it to my sister but then I wanted it for myself.  Its the Bonefire tarot.  The pictures are done in the style of tattoos.  My sister has tattoos, I thought it would be right up her alley.

But then I saw a reading laid out with it on YouTube and the colors popped like with the Dreams of Gaia deck I love.  I am waiting for the Gaia deck to come out with a mini version.  The fact is, the deck is hard to riffle shuffle like I like to do.  The Bonefire is much smaller but thick.  I still think it would be easier for me to shuffle.  I could see myself taking it with me and using it.  The symbols are there in the deck and its a traditional deck that should read like a traditional deck.

I feel terrible because want to pull it out and do a reading for my sister with it.  If she falls in love with it, she can get her own set, right?  Also if I were to ever do a reading for her friends, I’d want to use this deck.  Okay, maybe I wouldn’t mind looking a little bit cooler than I am.  But its the bright colors that really get me and how a reading kinda screams.  With things seeming vague on some decks, this one gives more of a story in my head.

And so a big part of my xmas is cards.  And I kinda didn’t expect it to eat xmas but it did.  I am going to not buy anymore and just work with these decks all 2019.  But I have a habit of overdoing things when I find something that makes me happy.  I really hope I didn’t over do it on different decks and I will use them all regularly.  Its a bigger set of cards that I thought I’d actually need.  I thought one of each system would do the job.  Maybe I over did it?

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