Can you drink khernips? + side question

I mean etiquette wise; if I was to drink it I would have made it with potable water and plant and be okay with a little char and the salt level or lack thereof.

Sorry, this is probably a stupid question. I’m newish to greek worship (unsure yet if Hellenism(/ic) will be a label I fully identify with) and something in me always tells me to take a sip and tbh I feel like I would feel better if I did.

Also, can you re-charge khernips? Like, using the same water but redoing the rest? Even just within the same day but not the same instance. This isn’t super important but would be helpful in a pinch, and when my knees get worse, as I do my witch and pagan activities upstairs and there’s no water there.* Continuing from that, do you (assuming it’s not physically dirty) generally wash your vessel in between batches, or just empty it?

*I am planning to bring up a pitcher, but haven’t figured out where to put it that it will stay clean and won’t get tripped on

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